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Lawhon named Teacher of the Year for Lakehoma Elementary

 Ayrial Lawhon
Ayrial Lawhon
Photo by Vickers Photography 
Ayrial Lawhon, a first grade teacher, was named Teacher of the Year for Lakehoma Elementary. Lawhon has been with Mustang Public Schools and a teacher for six years. This is her second year at Lakehoma. 

Lawhon knew when she was in elementary school that she would be a teacher. Every day when she arrived home, her toys and little sister were her pupils as she taught her own classes. 

“My passion for teaching continued after I had so many wonderful teachers who made such a significant difference in my life,” she said. “My teachers were some of my biggest fans and they never let me give up. I, in return, wanted to be that teacher for other children. I hope to be the teacher that they remember who continuously encouraged them to never give up on their goals.” 
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Monica Trail named Teacher of the Year for Horizon Intermediate

 Monica Trail
Monica Trail
Photo by Vickers Photography
Horizon Intermediate’s Teacher of the Year, Monica Trail, remembers sitting in class when she was in the sixth grade, thinking, “There is no way I want to grow up and write on a chalkboard all day long.” She loved children, begging mothers at her church to let her babysit. A desire to be around kids was part of life, but working with children didn’t occur to her as a career.  

Trail, who teaches a special education fifth grade math class, enrolled in college pursuing a computer science degree. Her class schedule included multiple programming classes. 
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Sarah Blair named first Teacher of the Year for Riverwood Elementary

Sarah Blair
Sarah Blair
Photo by Vickers Photography
Riverwood Elementary Teacher of the Year Sarah Blair saw the profession as her mission field. This is her 14th year of teaching, 11 of those at Mustang. 

When Blair was in high school, she was convinced she was going to be an oceanographer, studying killer whales. When the obsession passed, she set her sights on being a high school English teacher. Teaching the younger grades wasn’t for her. 

“My senior year in high school, I was an aide for a transitional-first classroom,” she said. “That’s when I knew I had to be an elementary teacher. I declared my major going in as a freshman in college and never looked back.”
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Lacy Pregler named Teacher of the Year for Mustang Education Center

Lacy Pregler
Lacy Pregler
Photo by Vickers Photography
With just two years of teaching under her belt, Lacy Pregler was named Teacher of the Year for Mustang Education Center. Pregler teaches algebra 1, intermediate algebra, and geometry to sophomores, juniors and seniors in the district’s alternative education program at MEC. 

The alt-ed program is not punitive; it’s a place for students who are not being successful in the traditional school setting to recover credits and graduate. Many of these students are not accustomed to finding success at school. Some may have lost a parent or are working jobs to help support their family. Others may have made poor choices and gotten so far behind in credits that they need the structure at MEC, with courses in 17-day blocks, to recover credits in time to graduate.
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Hendricks named Teacher of the Year for Mustang Middle School

Mustang Middle School named Nick Hendricks, eighth grade history teacher, as the MMS 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year. It’s his third year with Mustang Public Schools.

Hendricks knew when he was in high school that he should be a teacher. He wanted to do something with his life that would leave a mark, something that would make his corner of the world a better place. 

But after watching his parents work to pay the bills, Hendricks decided on a career in the medical field. 

“Thats where the money was. As a high school kid, that seemed like the best plan going forward,” he said. “Yet, as I went to college and started that path, I didn’t like it. I went for a tour of some medical facilities and nothing excited me.”
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